Lisa DeFelice is a freelance writer and CEO of MadWorld Entertainment.

She is an entertainment contributor for the monthly publication,
Route One North of Boston.

Lisa also researched and edited two historical books for the City of Peabody,
The Peabody Story by John A. Wells, and
The History of Peabody by Theodore Moody Osborne.

She has written numerous articles on cultural and political issues for
many local publications and trade magazines, and she recently
completed writing her first book,
Love is a Many Splendored Sting.
Publishing Credits:
  • The Boston Globe
  • Boston Parent's Paper
  • Route One North of Boston
  • New England Auto Dealers Monthly
  • American Songwriter Magazine
  • Peabody/Lynnfield Weekly
  • Northshore Sunday
  • The Salem News
  • The Jewish Journal
  • The Daily Item
  • Old Route One Magazine
  • Kindle Books

Previously, Lisa worked in the field of television and video
production and in the late 80's she produced and directed a 30
minute television show "The Next Half Hour" which aired on WSBK
Channel 56 for 2 years.  In the mid 90's, Lisa lived in Jelgava, Latvia
hosting and co-producing one of the former Soviet Union's first
music television programs
"CMTV".  The show was broadcast to
over 18 million people and became extremely popular, running for
several years throughout many different Soviet regions.

In 2000, Lisa established Heirwaves Productions, Inc., and later
became the host and executive producer of her own 30 minute
music television show
"To a hopeless
romantic, nothing is
as offensive as the
existence of reality."

Lisa DeFelice
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