"To a hopeless
romantic, nothing is
as offensive as the
existence of reality."

Lisa DeFelice

   Meet Julie Fontaine, aspiring writer and reluctant member of
the thirty-something and single club, desperately in love with her
boyfriend, hunky heartthrob and secret philanderer, Nick Russo.

   After a series of humiliating and heartrending situations reveal
Nick's true colors, Julie is left to pick up the pieces and make  
sense of the love she once believed in so innocently and so

   As Julie sets out to overcome her relationship misfortune and
rebuild her life, Nick preys on her vulnerability drawing Julie into
his selfish world of ricochet romance where she soon learns
she is far from being able to move on and let go.

   While struggling with her ongoing love and weakness for Nick,
Julie embarks on a humorous and heartwarming journey of
self-discovery and stumbles onto a powerful truth, one that
finally sets her free from her past love, changing the course of
her entire life.

"Love Is A Many Splendored Sting"

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Lisa DeFelice
"Love is a Many
Splendored Sting"