Lou Markakis and the Rise of Boston North TV
    The name Lou Markakis commands attention, not only for being synonymous with news and
entertainment in Boston and throughout the entire Northshore, but for his outstanding and  
impressive network of high profile political and celebrity connections.  From his early
beginnings as a speech communications major, with a focus in political communication at
Boston’s Emerson College, to his career as executive producer and host of Boston North TV’s
flagship production Northshore 100, a thirty-minute program showcasing the area’s most
interesting personalities, Lou Markakis can easily be considered a local media mogul.

    At seventeen years of age, Lou Markakis had three things on his mind: baseball, soccer,
and how many dates he could get.  Somewhere along the way, Lou’s interests shifted to the
world of entertainment and communications which ultimately led him to Emerson College.  
From there, he fulfilled his internship at Lynn Cam, Lynn’s local access television station where
he created Northshore 100.  While at Lynn Cam, he met Ken Kinna, who he brags is, “One of the
most talented persons I’ve ever known in the field of media production.”  In 2005, Lou and Ken
combined their talents and bridged out to PAT, Peabody’s local access station, where they then
began building Boston North TV.

    Boston North TV creates local video content for Boston and the North Shore area
broadcasting to the local TV market via public access television stations, reaching between
200,000 and 600,000 people in 30 plus communities.  Programming is then published to the web
for unlimited distribution.  Video shoots are either on location or at the Peabody site where all
“studio interviews” are taped.  In regard to the format and overall content of programming
produced by Boston North TV, Lou stated, “What started out as a Charlie Rose and Chronicle
newsmagazine style show via North Shore 100, Boston North TV has evolved into coverage of
anything that is relevant and has an impact on Boston’s North Shore and beyond.”

    Some of Boston North’s prestigious in studio guests have included Brian Kelly, president of
Kelly Automotive Group; Keisha Whitaker, wife of Academy Award winner Forest Whitaker; Sib
Hashian drummer for the iconic rock band Boston; famed rock musician James Montgomery;
and one of Boston’s favorite musical groups, Ernie and the Automatics.  In late 2010, Lou and
his Boston North crew were invited to tape the movie premiere of The Fighter at the Kun Khmer
gym where Mark Wahlburg trained for his role in the Oscar winning film.  When Arthur Wahlburg
and his brothers Donny, Mark, and Paul launched the opening of their highly anticipated
restaurant in Hingham, MA, Wahlburgers, they called, again, on Lou and his production team to
cover the event.  From the World Premier of the Oscar winning movie American Hustle, where
Lou and Ken spent over 10 hours a day on set filming content for Boston North TV along with
Christian Bale, Amy Adams and director David O. Russell, to the unveiling of Herb Chambers
7th generation brand new Porsche series 991 in Boston, Lou Markakis consistently proves he
has the right amount of broadcasting talent and expertise to get the job done well.

When I asked Lou where Boston North TV would be taking him in the coming year and who
some of his in studio guests might be, his response, “In studio and on location shoots will
cover people, places, and events that impact our lives, enriching viewers with ‘local stories of
interest,’ stories they might not otherwise see.  Some of the projects we will be covering and in
studio guests in 2015 will include ‘the new administration’s plans for 2015 and beyond’ with
Massachusetts Governor and Lt. Governor Charlie Baker and Karyn Polito, the “Making of the
Tony C Movie,” a project Lou has personally been involved in for quite some time based on the
life and career of professional baseball player Tony Conigliaro, and a human interest piece on
Lynnfield’s own, Steve DiFillipo, author and owner of upscale Northern Italian restaurant,
Davio’s, which is located at the new MarketStreet Complex in Lynnfield.”   During my interview
with Lou, I learned of a few more future projects that Boston North TV will be working on and
producing.  The high profile lineup of personalities being showcased in 2015 will include
celebrity chef Johnny Ciao, personal chef to stars such as Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston,
and Marlon Brando; Academy Award nominated director David O. Russell, The Fighter,
American Hustle, Silver Linings Playbook; and Massachusetts Speaker of the House, Robert

    When Lou isn’t busy producing and developing projects for Boston North TV, he’s spending  
time on another noteworthy venture.  For the past few years, Lou has been writing a book
chronicling his life on Boston’s megaproject known as “The Big Dig.”  For more than eight
years, Lou served first as “Legislative Liaison” then “Community Liaison” interfacing both with
political leaders and members of the business community on the highly controversial project.  
“Although there are thousands of critical accounts of what went on,” said Lou, “this is just one
guys account of what was really happening.”  He went on to say that he is writing the story as a
novel with hopes of developing it into a screenplay.

    It’s absolutely no secret, Markakis’s influence in the world of local broadcasting and
entertainment reaches far beyond the ordinary.  From Hollywood to Boston and beyond, Lou
Markakis is recognized and admired by the entertainment and television industry as a genuine
friend and accomplished colleague.  As for 2015, it looks like Lou and the talented members of
his Boston North TV crew have one busy year ahead of them.  From interviewing superstars and
covering world premiere television events, to supervising a fast-paced broadcasting
organization and following through with his own personal literary achievements, Lou Markakis
continues to prove he is a man with vision and the perfect amount of drive and skill to support
whatever project he chooses to put his hand to.  

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Copyright 2015
By Lisa DeFelice